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  • Dealing with Data In this introductory lab, students collect data and then devise methods to organize and display the data to give it more meaning. After brainstorming and evaluating their methodologies, they graph the data and perform a written analysis of their results. View »
  • The Basics of Graphs and Charts When conducting experiments, scientists rely on graphs to convey the data they obtain. But with so many kinds of graphs available, how do they know which one to choose? For the young scientists in your classroom, this can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. View »
  • Infographic: Get to Know Your Microscope Learning the names and functions of a compound microscope will help you operate an existing microscope or choose a new one. View »
  • Infographic—Lab Basics: How to Perform Serial Dilutions Learn how to use serial dilutions to cover a range of experimental concentrations or enumerate bacteria in this simple infographic. View »